Modern Peanut Butter Dispensers : Peanut Butter Pump

The Peanut Butter Pump is At the moment Being Funded on Indiegogo

One of many world’s hottest meals is now simpler than ever to get from the jar to your blender, sandwich, recipe and extra with the brand new Peanut Butter Pump: a handy system that dispenses and measures peanut butter.

This pump delivers peanut butter with out the mess, reduces the work of extracting it from the jar, and saves customers annoying cleanup time. It’s the good kitchen software for making sandwiches, smoothies, snacks, and just about anything that will profit from the delectable ingredient. It is usually nice for measuring precise quantities for recipes with out the necessity for a knife, spoon, and even with out having to take away the lid on the jar.

The patent-pending Peanut Butter Pump includes a sliding airlock mechanism that ensures an ideal pump each time by locking out the air to create a suction that pulls the airlock downward with every pump. As a result of this, a superb, constant movement of peanut butter is ensured proper till the tip. As an added bonus, the pump cleans the within of the jar because it removes the peanut butter, so customers now not must scrape the perimeters of the jar to get out the final little bit.

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