Humorous ha-ha

Flash again a number of a long time, when the IT group on this huge company is within the means of changing its ageing Prime minicomputer with an IBM System/38. Pilot fish is the day-shift operator, and he and the night-shift operator have a pleasant rivalry.

As a prank, fish makes use of the Prime scripting language to create an ideal copy of the IBM’s operator console display screen. Then he makes it his counterpart’s default display screen so he’ll assume he has in some way signed onto the flawed pc. To protect the fiction, fish provides some actual performance. If the night time man enters the print-status command, for instance, it is going to present him all of the printers on the Prime system, and if he selects one printer, it is going to listing all the roles in its queue.

Fish does the identical for the opposite widespread operator instructions after which arranges to be in his colleague’s dice when he logs on and sees fish’s handiwork. However the night-shift operator isn’t so simply fooled; he simply laughs and asks the best way to get to his personal display screen.

Nevertheless, the pair’s supervisor finds out concerning the prank, and sees a risk.

“That is nice!” she exclaims. “We are able to use this to coach the Prime customers in order that they’ll be used to the IBM interface when the brand new system goes dwell!”

Says fish, “Ours is likely to be the one huge company that educated its customers with a failed sensible joke.”

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