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Beyerdynamic Debuts the New Noise Canceling Lagoon ANC

At CES 2019, Beyerdynamic debuts its newest over-ear headphone design that embraces personalization and superior noise canceling properties. The audio innovation encompasses a slick silhouette, mixed with some aesthetically enhancing components — an instance can be the LED rings that additionally signifies the remaining battery of Beyerdynamic’s ‘Lagoon’ mannequin.

The customization side of the over-ear headphone designs really depends on the Mosayc personalization app which was developed in collaboration with Mimi Outlined and was first launched to customers in 2017. The cell software creates listening profiles for customers based mostly on their listening to tendencies. This data is later used to optimize “sure components of the EQ” to ship superior audio experiences generated by way of completely distinctive, private qualities. As well as, the elegant and refined design of the Beyerdynamic Lagoon is supplemented by way of a touch-sensitive floor for quantity and playback management.

Picture Credit: Dan Baker/Digital Tendencies

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